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Start It Up Shelly Jensen Chris Thompson November 7th, 2010 101 Best friends Rocky and CeCe audition for the show, "Shake it Up Chicago". Unfortunately, CeCe did not get it because she froze in the middle of her audition (she usually pictures everyone else naked that is why she is never nervous). Rocky did well and got in. Rocky did not want to go to the show because CeCe was not on it. CeCe forces Rocky to go to the show. On Rocky's first show, she brought CeCe and handcuffed each other, and they ended up dancing together. The host thought that they have the "it" factor so, CeCe got in as well. The girls are offiicialy background dancers on "Shake it Up Chicago".
2 Meatball It Up Shelly Jensen

John D. BeckRon Hart

November 14th, 2010 104 Rocky and CeCe get their second paycheck from "Shake It Up, Chicago!" and open up checking accounts at Chicago Savings Bank. They decide to go shopping at a thrift store with their new debit cards. Seeing that they were selfish with their money, they decide to treat Ty and Deuce to lunch at the Olive Pit (a spoof of The Olvie Garden). However, they aren't able to pay because their checking accounts are overdrawn. In order to get their meals for free, the girls participate in the restaurant's Heart Attack Challenge of eating a 10-pound meatball over a heaping plate of spaghetti. It is also revealed that Rocky is a vegetarian. Meanwhile, Gunther and Tinka babysit Flynn.
3 Give It Up Shelly Jensen Rob Lotterstein November 24th, 2010 103 Rocky and CeCe go to entertain the elderly at a retirement home, but one of them dislikes Rocky. Rocky tries to get the lady to be nice to her, but it doesn't work. CeCe tries to convince Rocky to ingest energy drinks that have more caffeine than three cups of coffee, but Rocky doesn't care. Flynn drinks them instead and the girls get tired of trying to calm him down all night. The girls also get light-up clothing from Deuce, who wants them to advertise the clothing. CeCe and Rocky then dance on the show, but when Ty gets a mistake of paying on twenty bucks to donate, he tries to stop them from dancing. The girls are then in the final battle against Gunther and Tinka, but the twins fall down as the light-up clothing repeatedly shocks the girls. Gary then announces that CeCe and Rocky are the last one standing, but they fall asleep as soon as Gary says they have a spotlight dance.
4 Add It Up Shelly Jensen Eileen Conn November 28th, 2010 105 CeCe finds herself in trouble when she learns that she is failing algebra class so Deuce finds her a tutor. When the tutor shows up at CeCe's house, CeCe, who was expecting a college boy, finds out that the tutor is a small kid-genius in college named Henry (Buddy Handleson). Flynn then "breaks" CeCe's algebra tutor when Henry shares hair-gel with Flynn and starts playing video games with him. When a fed-up Rocky offers her own tutoring services, Henry drops the bomb that CeCe is dyslexic,something even Rocky never knew. Meanwhile, Ty goes on a date with Tinka and Gunther bets Deuce his various objects playing arm wrestling (But Plays Thumb Wrestling and wins his Boxers Back).
5 Kick It Up Shelly Jensen Ron Zimmerman December 5th,2010 107 After CeCe ruins Deuce's and Rocky's dates at the movie theater (but Rocky doesn't care), Deuce points out that CeCe and Rocky are too joined together at the hip like Gunther and Tinka, so CeCe decides to be separate from her for a little while. After some desperate calls to some old friends including her grandma, CeCe runs into Rocky and sees that she already made new friends at her karate class and CeCe is afraid she may be wrong for dumping Rocky. CeCe looks to Tinka for advice and Tinka tells her that they are individuals, just individuals together. Meanwhile, Flynn enlists his new friend Henry to join his karate class to help fend off bullies.
6 Age It Up Shelly Jensen Rob Lotterstein December 9th,2010 108 When Rocky and CeCe get to dance with teen sensation Justin Starr, CeCe accidentally texts a photo of him kissing his manager to everyone on her contacts list that could ruin his career. Meanwhile, Ty tries to make Gunther more "hip."
7 Party It Up Shelly Jensen Jenny Lee December 12th,2010 106 When Rocky and CeCe are invited by Gary to a party, they are embarrassed to learn they were invited as waitresses. Meanwhile, Ty and Deuce babysit Flynn so Cece and Rocky can sneak out but have to hide when his mom comes home from work early and she makes the boys tell by making them drink tons of water until they have to urinate.
8 Hook It Up Shelly Jensen Chris Thompson December 19th,2010 102 Cece becomes a diva after getting special attention in school for being on the "Shake It Up, Chicago". She then demands better services and roles in the show for her and Rocky. Meanwhile, Deuce is taping everything the girls do for a school project and catches the manager saying that two people have to be fired specifically "last hired, first fired". Also, Flynn has a crush on a girl so he goes to Ty for help.
9 Heat It Up Joel Zwick Chris Thompson January 9th,2011 110 N/A
10 Match It Up Joel Zwick Rob Lotterstein January 23th,2011 111 CeCe tries to play matchmaker for Deuce, but her plan backfires when he gets back together with his up to no good girlfriend, Savannah. Cece, Rocky and Ty scheme up a plan to prove to Deuce that Savannah's only attracted to his money, in order to set him up with Dina, who they feel he is more compatible with. Meanwhile, Flynn helps Henry earn a Coyote Scout camping badge.
11 Glitz It Up Eric Dean Seaton N/A N/A 112 With their love of fashion, Rocky and CeCe try to get on the cover of Glitz magazine, a fashion magazine based on glitz, which Gunther and Tinka seem to have everyday. So the girls are torn between getting on the magazine or changing into the new Gunther and Tinka.
12 Hot Mess It Up Eric Dean Seaton N/A N/A 113 Rocky and CeCe find that they have good talents in cooking, and a rivalry is formed between them when they both get Flynn, Ty, Deuce and Gunther to try their hot stews. Each stew is the same, so CeCe and Rocky get more competitive.
13 Model It Up Eric Dean Seaton N/A N/A 114 Rocky, CeCe, and Tinka all get a chance to become models for Glitz magazine.
14 Charlie it Up! N/A N/A N/A 115 The Duncans come to the Shake it Up! studio

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