Start It Up!Edit

  • Outfits they wore in the subway station while dancing
  • Outfits they wore before auditioning for Shake It Up! Chicago
  • Outfits they wore auditioning for Shake It Up! Chicago
  • Outfits during their first day as background dancers
  • Outfits they wore at cece's house

Meatball It Up!Edit

  • From the debit card place
  • From the Olive Pit

nonoive It Up!Edit

  • When they dance to the elderly
  • Sparkling clothes during the dance-a-thon
What they wore during the dance and singing with Justin Starr.Edit

Kick It Up!Edit

  • During Shake It Up's mystery guest of the week: Kent Boydidk.

Age It Up!Edit

  • While seeing Breaksk8
  • Justin Starr costumes 03:12, July 11, 2011 (UTC)Party It Up! AshleyEdit

  • Jail costumes for a dance number
  • When they are planning to sneak out to the party
  • Party dresses
  • When they have to clean the house

Hook It Up!Edit

  • Shake It Up! Rehearsals

Wild It Up!Edit

  • Costumes as background dancers for Saltare

Others Edit

  • Pink T-Shirts that says Boo You Wore, along with Tina and Lauren with skirts
  • Preppy Outfits during the show
  • Chicago Bulls jerseys with jeans/sneakers while dancing with others from Shake It Up! shows in the USA who wore the NBA jerseys from their hometown